Tribe Hotel Review, Nairobi – Be: NOURISHED

ImageTribe Hotel and Spa is nestled between up-market shops and restaurants in a high-security well-heeled neighbourhood of Nairobi. A neighbourhood in which diplomats and UN staffers mingle with expats from around the world – all relying on foreign currency salaries to fund the social Nairobi lifestyle as they play their part in bringing development to the burgeoning city. 

No wonder then, that in the plush surroundings of the Iranian designed hotel, staff appear somewhat bemused. Tribe takes its name from the culture of Nomadic hospitality – but offers luxuries more comprehensive than tents in the desert. The glass-and-marble finishings, sweeping staircases and cosmopolitan clientele create a luxury atmosphere that provide a respite from the hysteria of the city – but mean you could be anywhere in the world. 

Jiko’s menu (the inhouse restaurant) is priced in Kenyan Shillings, but adjusted for foreign guests. Food is fresh, thoughtfully created and presented in small portions. If weather allows – as it usually does – the tables outside provide views of the curving turquoise swimming pool and the soaring storeys of the well-lit building.Image

Post-prandial beverages are best taken on the roof – at Tribe’s outside bar staff calls the nest. Scattered with futons, oriental lanterns and batik cushioning, the low-lighting are all conducive to conversation and laughter.

Tribe is a treat, truly an oasis in the city. Don’t expect it to provide a taste of Kenya, however, and make sure that the tab is picked up by someone else. 





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