Travel Tomes: Almost French (Sarah Turnbull)

The story of how an Australian became French, (almost).  Sarah Turnbull meets a Frenchman in Bucharest, and in the spirit of backpacking,

arranges to go and visit him for a week. She hasn’t lived anywhere else since. After years of putting her foot in it, learning how to dress from Ines de la Fressange, writing about the French nuclear program and receiving beautiful roses from Christian Lacroix, she finally feels… Almost French. Her journey to happiness ever after and Parisian chic is often uncomfortable and alien but is told with an uncompromising sense of humor and is endlessly entertaining. The feisty Australian makes social gaffes her forte during her foray into France, offending and entertaining wherever she goes due to the stark differences in social code and cultural norms. For anyone who ever thought that the only thing different between France and English-speaking Western countries was le croissant, this memoir is an education in the exoticism of places not too far from home and the life-altering nature of relocating and setting up shop in the much exalted city of love.



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