Photo Diary of My Perfect Weekend at Home – Be: TRANSPORTED

Sometimes, even the most ardent and seasoned traveler needs a holiday at home. Failing that, a weekend will have to do. Squashed between frenetic Monday to Fridays, I planned nothing for this weekend, except a celebratory fondue night on Saturday with a few close friends. As Alain de Botton illustrates in Art of Travel (see more on that here), sometimes all it takes to feel abroad is a reception to beauty at home.

These are my instagram adventures (follow me at passepartouttravel).

First off, a Friday evening walk with my pooch. Exhausted and my resolution to go to die-day Friday at gym having failed, I forced myself out of the front door and was rewarded first with doggy happiness, and then with a sense of calm, relaxation and renewed energy. I think this might become a weekly institution. I tried hard to see my neighborhood as if for the first time and to appreciate the moments unraveling around me. Then Friday night dinner with the family (thanks mom!) and Jack Reacher – which was really rather good.

Friday evening walk with a Table Mountain view

Friday evening walk with a Table Mountain view

Yes, it certainly is

Yes, it certainly is

The first relaxed Saturday morning in a long time, I tried out banana protein pancakes (a success, although they taste better than they look) and papaya and mint smoothies – all given the all important husband seal of approval. Sitting outside, watering my burgeoning vegetables and dreaming up plans for the upcoming Spring, stretching on the grass and getting ready for my fondue night that evening were ordinary activities that felt like treats. So was the walk along the magnificent Sea Point promenade – full of happy families and dogs united by their love of sunshine and sea.


Sea Point Promenade


Fondue night was in celebration of a friend and it was great to see the gang, eat a ton and finish with a few hours of tipsy Taboo playing.


Breakfast at home and a meander over the mountain brought us to Kalk Bay, a fishing town (well, suburb nowadays) on Cape Town‘s False Bay. The sun was out, ice-creams were eaten and all was right with the world.

Kalk Bay Trading Post

Kalk Bay Trading Post

insta5 insta6 insta7 insta8


One family braai (South African barbeque) in the sunshine later…


The most delicious 'millionaire's shortbread'. What do you call them?

The most delicious ‘millionaire’s shortbread’. What do you call them?

I found myself at my first ever Bikram yoga class and loved it! The weekend was finished off by sushi and the BBC’s Dancing on the Edge, a beautifully filmed series about the progress of black jazz musicians (and their benefactors) in 1930’s London.

Simple treats, sunshine, family and friends. In short – the perfect weekend.


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