Light in Paternoster

The light in Paternoster is bright, and full of varying shades of yellow as the sun moves about through the sky. The sea, bright blue and pond still in the early mornings, takes on a ruffled, green hue as the breeze comes up and as the day lengthens dog-walkers, children building elaborate canals in the sand and grownups flying kites all appear on the beach. In the late afternoon, color of sea and sky deepens, and the odd polo-shirted tourist with a camera lens as long as his arm, wife in designer chinos, can be seen making their way along the beach to an early dinner. The retired fishing boats outside the red-roofed beach restaurant, Voorstrand, make colorful jungle gyms; occupying energetic monsters while adults look on, clutching glasses of wine. As the sea grows blacker and the horizon turns a winter orange, it is only the brave visitors still sitting on outside tables, perhaps warmed by sufficient local wine and cheesy pizza, everyone else retreats indoors and in true South African tradition, builds up the fire and pours another glass of wine, remarking, just before they turn in, how sleepy the sun and salty sea air makes one.

Sarah Laurence: Passepartout Travel



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