Paul Theroux Thinks Africa is the S&*T: Do you agree?

“In Africa every rural village is different, but every city is the same, and a perfect fright,” he writes towards the end of the book, when he’s had enough of Luanda. “Urban Africa” gets the blanket description of “twitching decrepitude”.

– Alexander Matthews

Theroux's End of the Road

Theroux’s End of the Road

Editor of online literary magazine Aerodrome, Alexander Matthews, interviews Paul Theroux about his latest book: The Last Train to Zona Verde and then kicks himself for being taken in by the gentleman’s charm, and for not asking the probing questions he feels he should have.

Alexander is my incredibly brilliant and talented brother (only matched as the most incredibly-talented-and-brilliant-brother by the equally awesome Danny) and is the founder of (Yip, that’s your disclaimer).

Paul Theroux has crudely dismissed the complexities of our great, varied and pained continent –

“Of course I could put my head down and travel farther, but I knew what I would find: decaying cities, hungry crowds, predatory youths and people abandoned by their governments, people who saw every foreigner as someone they could hit up for money, since it was apparent that only foreigners seemed to care about the welfare of Africans.”

Are all township tours “a voyeurism of poverty” and “exploitation”. Township dwellers serving as guides or selling curios “had discovered their misery was marketable” ?

So, what do YOU think? Read the article here: and let us know.


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