Friday Roundup: Ghostbuster Arrested for ‘Below the Belt’ Exorcism, Gangsters Apologize in Church & ‘Best Job in the World’ Advertised

What a week! When truth is stranger than fiction:

Pistorius, Pre-Indictment Hearing

Pistorius, Pre-Indictment Hearing

1. Pistorius prays with his sister and brother and the photo ends up on NBC News:

2. Chinese man arrested for charging a woman to exorcise her ghosts with his very own ‘ghostbuster’:

3. After weeks of terrorizing the community (even more than usual), rival gangs in Mannenberg on the Cape Flats apologized to the community and agree to peace. Yeah well…

3. “Best job in the world” is advertised – get paid (a lot) to travel to the world’s most beautiful destinations and stay in the most luxurious accommodation. On the flip side, it must really suck to have to go through those applications:

5. Mamphela Ramphele, South Africa’s nicely rhyming leader of Agang SA and baby-mommy of the late Steve Biko has revealed that she is worth R55 million in a bid to coerce Zuma into sharing his own personal number. 


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