Miley’s VM’jay’, Saron in Syria, Kim Jong un’s ex-oh ex-oh Executed and the ANC in the Poo: Friday Round-up

1. Miley shocked her dad, the Pinkett-Smiths and the rest of the world by displaying antics onstage that are still illegal in several American states. I love this story this week – people are getting so heated about it, for and against. Maybe because it’s a distraction from the scenes of chemical warfare? Come on, people, it’s a teenager getting naassty. Okay, it’s Hannah Montana dancing really badly in no clothes with large teddy bears, but show me a kid who hasn’t had that nightmare already! Hey – she’s won. She’s become more famous than her dad ever was and no one thinks of her with a fringe anymore (anywhere).

2. As Damascus is ravaged by the after-effects of Saron gas, Western powers debate as to whether to intervene. It comes as no surprise that government leaders are hesitant to wade into another contentious Middle Eastern situation, seeing as they still have (burnt) fingers in the last figurative pie. Whereas Britain’s parliament cheered at the announcement that David Cameron’s proposal to intervene had been defeated, France is tentatively riding on the tails of Uncle Sam.

Obama has been meeting with national security teams (a pep talk around a green velvet table, I imagine) and Russia (Syria’s ally) has welcomed the U.K.’s (close) decision.  Meanwhile, news coverage reports alternatively and categorically that everybody in Syria does, or doesn’t desperately want international intervention (depending on which channel you happen to have on at the time). Maybe someone, somewhere, will find out what should be done. The game-playing is starting to rival that of the Biggest Loser ranch, Bob.

3. Meanwhile in North Korea, Kim Jong-un has had his ex-lover executed with about a dozen other citizens (also lovers?) in front of their now interened family and friends. Ostensibly for contravening anti-pornography laws (sexy time to orchestra music, say South Korean media) as well as, at the same time, the possession of bibles. It might be a little more believable if they had just picked one.

4.  Closer to home, several ANC Youth League leaders have been identified as instigators in the Poo Protests in their attempt to make the Western Cape ungovernable so that the DA will relinquish their hold on the province. Too bad that if they succeed, the province will be in a worse state for their efforts. Chief Whip of the ANC, Stone Sizani, says that the ANC condemns illegal protests. I think his fingers were crossed. Well done, guys, for showing your dissatisfaction with service delivery in a way that meant that people in a worse position than you had to clean up your s&*t (literally) and others had to miss unpaid days of work. Well done slowing down a tenuous economy, weakening an already-anemic currency, showcasing your excrement on international media and shutting down Cape Town’s showcase International Airport. Well done, you. You really showed them what you’re made of.


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