myCity guide: CAPE TOWN with Gabriella Davids

The Gorgeousness that is Gabi Davids

The Gorgeousness that is Gabi Davids

Internationally successful swimsuit model, fashion designer and entrepreneur, Gabriella Davids fits onto any who’s who list in South Africa. With sister, best friend and business partner Kelly, Gabriella owns and runs MilQ and Honey Spa (the wonderfully pampering and luxe space designed to allow women to unwind and relax) and MilQ and Honey Fashion – a label becoming so successful in its own right that it opened Cape Town Fashion Week 2013. From posing on the shores of Bali, dating hugely successful male model Dave Gordon to acting as a body double for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars (such as Rhona Mitra in Doomsday 3), Gabi has seen it all and done it better. Here is her personal guide for the best to do, see, eat and shop in Cape Town.

1. Describe Cape Town to someone who has never been before:

I would describe CT as a vibrant little city with lots to offer.Nestlesd inbetween mountains and oceans, Cape Town offers a wide variety of things to do to suit every taste .Whether it is adventure thrill, an enlightening visit to the townships, relaxing day of wine tasting or a visit to Cape Point, Cape Town will definitely tempt you to stay longer than you had planned.

2. What should we pack?

In the summertime, shorts, vests, light flowy clothing and beach towels are ideal. Of course, don’t forget your SPF 50 and mosquito repellent spray.

3. What is the best way to get around the city?

Rent yourself a scooter from Euroscooter. It is light on petrol, convenient and easy to squizz around town.

Sisters, friends and partners: Gabriella and Kelly

Sisters, friends and partners: Gabriella and Kelly

4. Where do you love to shop?

I love to shop at Lush Body Shop for natural nice smelly soap.

5. What things MUST a visitor experience?

A visit to Robben Island to learn more about the history of South Africa

Shark cage diving is also another experience that South Africa is well known for.

6. And what things (especially regarding safety) should someone not do?

Always be cautious of your surroundings. Do not walk around with important valuables.

7. Where are your best places to eat?

Saigon is one of my favourite spots. It is a Vietnamese restaurant and the food is absolutely tasty.

8. What is your favorite place for…

– A date night: Peperniros, Mouille Point

A dinner with friends: – Madame Zingara

A work meeting: – Vineyards Hotel, Newlands

– People watching: V&A Waterfront

10. What your favorite best kept secret for…

– Getting your hair done: MilQ and Honey Hair

– Buying lingerie: La Senza

– Place to get a spa treatment: MilQ and Honey (of course!)

– Buying groceries: Woolworths

11. Describe your ideal Saturday in Cape Town:

Breakfast at the Biscuit Mill in the upcoming area Woodstock, then head off to down to Hout Bay market to see what exciting things they have on show. At the end the day we would go down to the beach and invite a few friends for cocktails at Caprice on the Camps Bay Strip. Then I’d end off my perfect Saturday evening at Parangas with a delicious seafood platter with my loved one.

12. Many people are hesitant to visit South Africa because of its conflicts and crime statistics. As someone living in Cape Town, what would you say to them?

Yes that is a major issue. However still do come down and enjoy the positive of what Cape Town has to offer.

MilQ and Honey Spa

MilQ and Honey Spa


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