Killer Whales in Victoria, Canada: Finding Free Willy

Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada

I’m certainly no wildlife photographer – any self-respecting specimen might like to have a look at these holiday snaps in order to have a good giggle – but I did want to show you how beautiful and peaceful our trip to find “killer whales” (orcas) was. We really loved the fact that our boat didn’t rush up to the whales or try to chase them for the sake of better photo ops (as you can clearly see), but we managed to experience their majesty pretty close up – including a baby with a momma (second and third last photos). In the last photograph you’ll see the impressive Fairmont Empress from the water – Victoria’s pride and joy and our happy haven for the night.

KillerWhaleVictoria (1)

KillerWhaleVictoria (3)

KillerWhaleVictoria (4)

KillerWhaleVictoria (6)

KillerWhaleVictoria (7)

KillerWhaleVictoria (9)

KillerWhaleVictoria (10)

KillerWhaleVictoria (11)

KillerWhaleVictoria (5)


Image Inspiration: Ice Fields Parkway, Alberta, Canada

Spiraling between the northern Rocky mountain range is the Icefields Parkway, running between the towns of Lake Louise and Jasper.

Athabasca Glacier, Icefields Parkway

Athabasca Glacier, Icefields Parkway

Claimed by some as the most beautiful mountain pass in the world, plan to stop along the way to gawk at the Athabasca Glacier (find out how it has receded in the colorfully tourist-decked visitors’ centre), Athabasca Falls and many twists and turns of the river revealing better and better views.

Bow River, Icefields Parkway

Bow River, Icefields Parkway

At the risk of sounding like a teacher, stick to the speed limit and DON’T get out to feed the bears! (Yip, we saw it, folks. Some people really are just that stupid).

Vancouver from the Air – Photo Album

vancouverfromair1 (1280x853)

Vancouver Harbour & Stanley Park

Inner City, Showing Balentien Pier

Inner City, Showing Balentien Pier

False Creek and Granville Bridge

False Creek and Granville Bridge

vancouverfromair4 (1280x853)

Downtown Vancouver & Granville Island

vancouverfromair5 (1280x853)

The City of Vancouver with the Coast Mountains Behind

These photos were taken from a sea-plane, on the way from Whistler to Victoria. We were so lucky that the weather was so clear, and that we could see so much. Craig sat shotgun and was able to hear all the traffic control through his massive green headphones. After taking off from a lake in Whistler and flying over snowy mountains and lakes made turquoise by glacier stones, we flew slowly over the the city of Vancouver. Much like Cape Town, the shape of Vancouver is designed by its geographical constraints – Stanley Park, Granville Island and the Downtown Peninsular placed more perfectly than had the city been designed by a person. In the background, we saw the mountains over which we had just flown – the Coast Mountain Range – stretching into the interior of British Columbia.


Geraldine was retrenched, so took to the skies with her travelling-for-business husband Rand (owner of MOZImage. I read all his posts but still can’t explain what it is they do coherently). She now records her quirky observations (often about cakes and cookies) for the rest of us. Her photo captions are possibly the best I’ve come across. And sometimes, like when she visited South Africa, she gets deep (read her post on Vicky’s B and B here).

Here are her (incredibly useful) 55 Best Travel Tips


Corsican-born Garance Dore, who lives in New York with her street style photographer (and soon to be small-screen star) The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman, is perhaps the most famous blogger in the world. Her beautiful photographs, clean design aesthetic and enviable lifestyle attract droves of viewers to her blog, her chatty narrative style, girl-next-door insecurities and honest reflections keep them coming back every day. Garance is somewhat unusual in that she doesn’t flood her blog with advertising, which has worked out in her favor, as fans appreciate her honest reviews and exclusive brand collaborations.

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