Five Things I’ve Learnt About Family Holidays (and One I Haven’t)


Alexander and Sarah, family trip to Durban, 1995

Family holidays are fun. Awesome. Just you and your loved ones, human and canine, crammed into a house and getting away from it all. Except each other. Family holidays are the dream, idealized for months before the time, the idea of their relaxing qualities and cozy, loving perfection built up like sandcastles in the sky. But sandcastles fall after only one stamp of an angry little foot or sweep of incoming tide. Many family holidays dissolve in tantrums and tears as siblings revert to childish roles. After not having had a family holiday for a while, we packed up for a lovely long weekend and enjoyed every moment. This is, over the years, what we’ve learnt.

Lunch on a Cuban Island

Lunch on a Cuban Island

1. Make. Everybody. Eat … Often.

Almost everyone in our family gets super ratty when our sugar levels drop. Mom knows to have enough healthy snacks on hand – fruit, sachets of oats, crackers with spreads, yogurt, dried fruit and a few slabs of Bubbly to separate out after dinner. We always tell her that she’s taking too much – we’ll never get through it all – it will go off. It never does and I don’t know when we’ve bought home much. Danny has a mug that says “Mom is Always Right” and every family holiday, she proves it true.

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Eight Unconventional Reasons to Visit Istanbul (in Pictures)

istanbul1 (9)

1. To visit the only capital spanning two continents – which is seriously cool – and the crossing over the Bosphorus isn’t bad either:


2. To stay in an old-city hostel (finding out about the hidden cameras too late), waking up with calls to prayer not long enough after going to bed, to belly dance in said hostel and make friends you’ll keep in touch with for years:

Istanbul 15 (4)


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Passepartout Travel Featured on

The awesome site features ‘Top 10’ lists of things to do, eat and see from all over the world.

While Nairobi might have been in the press for all the wrong reasons lately, it is a vibrant place for work and play and has traditionally been one of the safer African capitals. Here are my top 10:

Kenya (1024x672)

myCity Guide: BANGKOK with Bowling Ceo

Bowling representing the "Land of Smiles"

Bowling representing the “Land of Smiles”

Craig and I met Bowling late one night on our arrival to Bangkok. He immediately put us at ease with his friendliness, great language skills and wicked sense of humor. During the time we spent in Thailand we learnt more about him, had lots of fun and were granted a very real insight into his culture and people. As he says below, tours with G Adventures are great because you travel in a small group with a local guide. Instead of arriving at every listed and hackneyed hotspot on a coach with forty other homogenous tourists toting cameras and maps, you really become a group of friends traveling around a new country with some local people. Bowling’s easy hospitality, fun nature and local knowledge has ensured his continuing success as a guide, not only in Thailand, but in his European and North American travels as well.

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